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Noah to the Knicks

After two seasons at the Knicks and only 53 games played, Joakim Noah should be cut by New York early September.

“I do not know what the future holds, but I’ll be ready.” You have to follow the confusing Joakim Noah on Instagram to find out where he is. Seven months after his last match with the Knicks, who dismissed him after his relationship problems with former coach Jeff Hornacek, the French pivot (33 years, 2.11 m) is still in limbo. He talks physically, but gradually realizes that his love affair with New York, started in 2016, will lead to a divorce. No doubt within two weeks.

While new coach David Fizdale has been thinking about the possibility of reinstating “Jooks” to his squad, the franchise staff has come to the logical conclusion that his “Big Apple” adventure should end on As fast as possible. Since no trade could be finalized at the end of last season, nobody wishing to take over the last two years of his contract for $ 72 million gracefully offered by Phil Jackson, the Knicks should release it on September 1, according to ESPN .com.

Hit hard in 2019 and 2020

Why not before? It is from this date that the stretch provision, inscribed in the regulations of the NBA relating to the salary cap, will allow New York to cut the interior tricolor by paying her emoluments over four years instead of two: the 18 , $ 5 million to be paid in 2018-2019 will be paid as planned and the remaining $ 19.3 million will be spread over three seasons ($ 6.4 million per year). A way for residents of Madison Square Garden to be aggressive at the next free agency. And following ones.

The rebuilding process is under way and the Knicks, who are getting ready to live a dull season, do not want to hang around to become competitive again. Next summer, as in 2020, great players will be on the market and parting with Joakim Noah now will give them a little more financial margin to attract one of them. The alternative would be to keep the old Bull until July 2019, to try to include it in an exchange and get rid of it at no cost, but New York seems to have lost patience.

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