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Death of young rugby player Louis Fajfrowski

The death of Louis Fajfrowski, a young rugby player from Aurillac, after a shock in the field, feeds the debate on the growing risks associated with the sport.

The autopsy of Louis Fajfrowski, a young rugby player from Aurillac who died on Friday, August 10 did not reveal the causes of his death, according to the prosecution. Additional analyzes have been ordered. “The findings of the medical examiner are not conclusive and can not conclude to the cause of death” young center three-quarter 21, said Monday, August 13 the magistrate of Aurillac.

“Samples were taken to carry out toxicological and anatomo-pathological analyzes,” he added, adding that the final report of the experts of the Institute for Forensic Medicine of Clermont-Ferrand will not be known before “A month and a half to two months”.

According to the newspaper La Montagne, the player, holder in the center of attack at the Stade Aurillacois, was out of the field in the second half of the match against the club Rodez after being tackled. Stunned, he could get up with the help of the healers before going on his own to the locker room, accompanied by a doctor. It was in the locker room that he lost consciousness on several occasions. Supported by the medical service and additional help arrived on the spot, it could not be revived.

Multiplication of concussions

Two tracks considered “the most common in the deaths of athletes” are considered by doctors. On the one hand, a “cardiac arrest related to doping products”, even if nothing, at this stage, goes in this direction. On the other hand, the anatomopathological analyzes could also reveal “myocardial traumatisms invisible to the naked eye when they are not important enough”, and that the autopsy could not detect.

The death of the young player follows a few weeks that of Adrien Descrulhes, a young player of 17 years, who succumbed to head trauma after a game in late May. These two deaths fuel the debate on the risks associated with this sport, where the concussions are multiplying.

In an editorial published Monday, Aug. 13 and titled “Nausea”, the journal Midi Olympique, specializing in rugby, regrets that this sport is “increasingly destructive”, putting “its own actors in danger by force of collisions to very great speed “. “A game more and more con – it is repeated, alas – by dint of forgetting half of its DNA: the search for avoidance, which conferred for a long time a creative force envied by so many other disciplines”, writes the newspaper, according to which “there is now urgency: we must act to see, tomorrow, rugby change dramatically in its approach to the game, assuming its current problems and the own threat it generates for giving in to the physical whole” .

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