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Cincinnati Masters, Adrian Mannarino and Jeremy Chardy

Adrian Mannarino regretted not having held physically against Novak Djokovic (4-6, 6-2, 6-1), this Wednesday in the second round of the 1000 Masters of Cincinnati.

Adrian Mannarino, defeated in the second round in Cincinnati by Novak Djokovic: “There are things that have been very good, which are encouraging, others that have been a little less good and that we will have to work on. This is a very interesting match for the future and will be used to continue to progress. I managed to manage the important moments in the first set. I served well, I kept pace physically. It was played at not much at the beginning of the second. I have a complicated game on my service and I can not keep up. Behind me I unplugged but unfortunately I break again. It was very intense physically. This is where he got the upper hand at one point. I managed to hold, hold, and I ended up fishing a little bit on that side and he got the upper hand.

He plays very well. When he is in his comfort zone, he does not make a mistake. He is super complicated to play because he serves very well in important moments and he returns almost everything. You never have a quiet game where you can blow. At the level of physical intensity, it is very difficult to take the length of an entire match. It’s interesting, it shows what points to work on, the physical density to succeed to hold longer. For now I do not have the level yet. It only remains to work. At Queen’s (defeated in the quarterfinals 7-5, 6-1), when I had opportunities to finish the first set, I started to panic, unless I played well. While this is not necessarily me who played less well, it is he who has increased his level of play It was much better than Queen’s, but it’s not enough.

Jeremy Chardy did not find the solution against the excellent South African waiter Kevin Anderson (7-6 (6), 6-2), this Wednesday in the second round of the 1000 Masters of Cincinnati. The Frenchman regretted his service game lost to 3-2 in the second set.

Jeremy Chardy, eliminated by Kevin Anderson (7-6 (6), 6-2) in the second round in Cincinnati: “In the first set, neither he nor I had opportunities until the tie-break. I lose the tie-break but after I stay inside. I have a break point right now that I do not do. After I break at 3-2, it hurt me a little. The match was pretty frustrating. At first I had no chance on his service games. Either I went back short and he had an easy ball, or I did not return. You chained the games and nothing happens. It’s not simple. Always be focused because if you make a mistake on your service game, it’s over. My game at 3-2 annoys me, I must not lose it. I would have liked to bring him to tie-break in the second.

Kevin, I know him well. It serves very well, even better than before in the second. In return, he is much more aggressive than before. On every second, as soon as he can throw himself inside. It puts a lot more pressure than before. When you have his service, it’s easier to try to put pressure on the return games because you know you’re not going to be broken twice a set. He dares to come a little more to the net than before. With his service, you do not have to be Pat Rafter at the net to finish the point! And then there is trust. It’s easier to play with. He continues the good results so he is confident and basically he plays a little better. He’s dangerous against everyone. ”

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