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Join the useful to the pleasant, it is one of the keys of happiness. The communication advisors of Neymar Junior, that we imagine many, know it. So to help their colt to revive his coat of arms, very much criticized since the last World Cup, they imagined a “trick”. An advertisement more precisely, in which the Brazilian is the shadow of a mea culpa compared to his attitude of simulator / amplifier on Russian terrain.

The one-and-a-half-minute spot, titled “A New Man Every Day,” features the star who, even if she appears among the stars, lowers her profile: “You may think that I exaggerate and sometimes I exaggerate. But the truth is that I suffer on the ground, said the striker of the Seleção, on the background of piano and violins. When I leave without giving an interview, it’s not because I just want the laurels of victory. It’s because I have not yet learned to disappoint you. When I’m rude, it’s not because I’m a spoiled child. It’s because I did not learn how to be frustrated. ”

“It took me a long time to look at myself in the mirror”

Supporting images, Neymar evokes the boy who is still in him: “Sometimes he enchants the world, sometimes he annoys everyone,” he admits in a great surge of lucidity. “It took me a long time to accept your criticism, I took a long time to look at myself in the mirror and become a new man,” the star concludes solemnly. I fell, but only those who fall can get up. You can keep throwing stones at me. Or drop those stones and help me stay upright. When I’m up, all Brazil is standing with me. ”

This advertisement, shot on behalf of the depilatory partner of the player, was useful to try to raise the odds of the artist. It should have some nice spin-offs, at least economically. As to whether the sincerity and good faith that transpire in these images are not simulated, that’s another story

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